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Most parking sites share the one of two business models, each designed to easily get your name parked and either they keep all of the parking revenue or share a small portion of the revenue with the domain owner. Parking4Income is designed to be different. For a flat monthly fee, you will get a full blown hosting account for each domain and professionally designed PPC parking templates that are optimized to maximize income - Your PPC INCOME!

We do not take a cut of YOUR PPC Revenue

This is worth repeating. We do NOT take a cut of your revenue - and you get paid directly from Google. (Adsense account required). This new model was designed by a domain investor like yourself who was tired of only getting a small share of the adsense income he was generating.

Easy Setup

Once your account is setup, a password protected PPC template program will walk you through the steps of creating the pages for your PPC site.


  • Enter your google account number and add channel
  • Find the best keywords using overture suggestion tool (built in) or add your own keywords
  • Meta Tags and Description (can auto enter keyword)
  • Create a For Sale Page if site is for sale
  • Add any existing pages that may be already indexed or other page (like a links page)
  • and press go...

in seconds a highly optimized PPC web page is built for each targeted keyword using YOUR Google account number and custom ad channel so you can track the sites performance directly from your adsense control panel.

This advanced domain parking program is currently in pre-beta.
If you are interested in either the beta or roll out email us.


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